30. June, 2016


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The steel bull bars are high end SOE products, designed to give your truck that sporty yet elegant look and at the same time protect the front body from severe damages. The key words are longevity, durability and elegance. The steel bull bar has undergone various modifications and changes over the past years. They take a lot of time during the manufacturing process and this is evident from its fine details and finishing details, which are all clearly perfect. When compared to other brush guards and grille guards, these bull bars are designed with a rather sophisticated mounting system that outdoes the normal bumper.

The design of the bull bars are universal as intended by the manufacturers. They provide the protection that is expected without compromising the overall design and look of the SUV. There are a number of known designs for the client to choose from, depending on the environment or purpose it is going to serve. The most common include:

  • Summit Bull Bars
  • Deluxe Bull Bars
  • Sahara Bars
  • Alloy Bull Bars
  • Commercial Bull Bars
  • Nudge Bars

The modern day bull bars were carefully perform other functions apart from protection and complementing the overall look. One such factor that was considered is the airbag deployment design.  It is important that the bull bar crash rate is in line with the triggering of the airbag. To ensure its reliability, the steel bull bars are thoroughly assessed. The crash characteristics and scenarios are translated in relation to the airbag deployment circumstances by the engineers. This ensures maximum protection on all scenarios.


  • 3.5” oval heavy-duty steel tubes
  • Stainless steel that is polished
  • Customized skid plate with the logo of your choice
  • Easy installation
  • One year warranty

The steel bull bars can be purchased from as low as $270 and can be ordered and delivered, as arranged by the client and the representatives.








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