Hood Strut Kit Installation

19. May, 2016


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Step 1: Determine which brackets you need to mount the hood strut.

Two brackets are included with this kit. Depending on your vehicle, you will need to decide whether to use the 90 degree bracket or the flat bracket on the base of the Hood Strut. To use the 90 degree bracket you need a flat surface perpendicular to the Hood Strut. If you do not have a surface to accommodate the 90 degree bracket, you will need to use the flat bracket which will install on the inner fender.

Step 2: Determine where to mount the brackets.

After you have determined which bracket you will be using, you must determine where to mount each end of the strut. Determining the proper mounting points will ensure a trouble free install. Start with the bottom bracket. Find a suitable location for the bracket that will allow the Hood Strut when mounted to it, to lie down without obstruction.

Once you have checked that the hood will close with the strut in this location, you can mount the lower bracket. This is done with a #26 or 9/64 drill. Hold your bracket in its proper position and mark your holes using the bracket as a template. Center punch and drill the three holes. Mount the bracket using the supplied self-tapping screws. With your lower bracket mounted, install the Hood Strut to it. With the hood strut fully closed, measure the distance from the bottom mounting bolt to the upper mounting bolt. THIS DISTANCE IS CRUCIAL. If you mount the upper bracket too close, the hood will not close all the way. If you mount the bracket too far away, the hood will not open to its’ full potential. After this distance has been determined, simply transfer this measurement to the bottom side of the hood. We recommend you tape the bracket to the hood and check that your hood will close before any drilling.

Once you are sure your bracket is in its proper location on the bottom of the hood, using the bracket as a template, mark your holes. Center punch and drill the three holes using a #26 or 9/64 drill. It is important that you be very careful when drilling through the hood liner. If you push too hard, you may ding or even drill through the outer skin of the hood.

Step 3: Mounting the Hood Strut.

Now that you have the upper and lower brackets installed you are ready to install the Hood Strut. Simply install and tighten the stud from the quick release using the nut and washers provided, then attach the quick release to the stud. For the bottom you should tighten until the prop is sturdy and then back off until it is free to move with the hood. We recommend that you use some form of thread lock on this nut.

Step 4: Testing your Hood Strut.

With the Hood Strut installed, you will need to do some final checks.

First be sure that your hood will close all the way and there are no obstructions to the Hood Strut.

Next open your hood to the final slot in the Hood Strut. The inner-rod of the hood strut should turn on its’ own. Gently let the weight down on the strut being sure the inner-rod has turned into the slot and everything is holding correctly.

Once you have completed these checks, and everything works, you are ready to go. If the inner-rod does not turn on its own you need to undo the quick release and unscrew it one complete turn and reinstall.








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