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1.  Using a flat head screwdriver, remove the (4) push pins then remove the lower plastic valance.


2.   With the valance removed, use an 18mm socket, and remove the (8) nuts holding the bumper to the front of the frame. Be careful when removing the bumper as the factory fog lights will be re-used if you purchased a Crusader, or Vanguard bumper. Once that is done, remove the last two push pins on the upper filler panel and remove.


3.  OPTIONAL | Crusader and Vanguard bumper ONLY – With the bumper removed, use a philips screw driver and remove both of the factory fog lights. Now, using a 1/4″ drill bit, enlarge the mounting holes on the factory fog lights. Place the fog light inside your Crusade or Vanguard bumper, and tighten the 1/4″ flange nuts down using a 7/16″ socket.


4.   If you are installing a Vanguard, Crusader or Mauler on a 2012+, you will need to relocate the vacuum pump. If installing a Dagger or Defender bumper, you can skip these steps




5.  OPTIONAL – Warn Zeon, Warn Powerplant, or Other Large Winch – If you’re planning on running a large winch such as the Warn Zeon, or Warn Powerplant, some slight modification to the frame horns will be necessary to allow the winch to sit between the frame. On the driver side, measure 1 & 1/4″ in x 1/4” down and mark the area you will cut out. On the passenger side, measure in 1″ x1/4”. Mark the frame, then cut. It is always best to clean up any sharp edges and apply some paint to the areas you just cut out.

front bumper cover

6.  On the passenger side, drop in the provided nutsert tab. At this time remove the (8) flange nuts on the back of the bumper.

front car bumper

7.   Now, slide the JcrOffroad Bumper onto the Jeep. It is best to use two people when installing the bumper. Using the 3/8″ bolt from the netsert tab, loosely install the side frame mounting bolt. Next, install the flange nuts back onto the bumper and tighten them down. Once the flange nuts are tight, tighten down the 3/8″ bolt on the side of the frame.

front car bumper

8.   With the bumper tightened down, install your winch at this time.

9.   With your winch bolted down, loosely install the front fairlead bracket. Make sure the offset plate matches the offset of the winch. Now, bolt on your fairlead and tighten everything up using a 3/16″ allen head, and 9/16″ wrench.

front car bumper

10.   OPTIONAL – At this time, If you are installing a front lower skid with either our Vanguard, Crusader, or Mauler bumpers, please continue on with the install process, and proceed to either our website for instructions, or print out the instructions you need for your reference.

11.   Now it’s time to head out with your newly installed bumper and enjoy the trails









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