16. June, 2016


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The ABS fender flares are most suitable for lifted vehicles, specifically trucks and SUVs. It helps in creating a more iconic, attractive and bold overview of the automobile. They are mostly designed for trucks with large tires; some include Dodge Ram, Ford Truck, GMC Sierra, Chevrolet Silverado or Toyota Hilux, just to name the most common. The fenders are available in different designs to suit the model of your vehicle. They give the vehicle the rugged design of a tough off-road automobile and at the same time shields debris that may damage the body of the truck. The ABS fender flares are composed of thermoplastic material that gives it its durability, high density and a surface that is resistant to scratch, yet flexible and elastic.

The fenders come with bolts made of stainless steel that adds on to its elegant look. This ABS product is east to mount and install as they already have existing holes so drilling is not required. The process of installation is designed that way so as to avoid accidental scratches. It is also suitable for replacement and this is free within the one-year warranty.


  • Appealing to the eyes with its elegant yet tough design
  • Extra-wide design that is able to accommodate bigger trucks with larger wheels.
  • UV-resistant gloss to protect it from fading.
  • The fenders can come in various designs to suit various truck models.
  • Fenders designed to suit various truck models.
  • Protects truck from debris and rocks from damaging its body.
  • Durable and tough ABS fenders that are thermoplastic
  • Decorative pure stainless steel bolts that are rust-free
  • No drilling required, factory designed holes for easy installation.
  • One year Warranty
  • Made in the Thailand

The ABS fender flares range in price between $178.50 and $428.40. Ordering and delivery can be organized between the client and SOE representatives.








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